Santoro Design


Branding | Print Design


Client: Ompractice
Project Duration: January 2018–April 2018
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Santoro

Ompractice is a platform that completely changes the experience of practicing yoga at home. The platform allows students to take live, online yoga classes whenever, wherever. Teachers can host live classes for students, with the added ability to also see how students are doing in case they need to correct form. Coming in as the brand consultant, I worked with the Ompractice team of execs and their UI Designer to assess their identity at the time, and work out the objectives of the project. While the initial brief called for a brand refresh, what resulted was a brand that reinvigorated the company's mission, and grounded it in the devotion to one's non-linear journey through practice. What followed afterwards was the design of  branded materials, as well as tradeshow banners which, conceptually speaking, further pushed the idea that anyone can use the platform and become one with their practice journey.