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The Couch Family Foundation



Client: The Couch Family Foundation
Project Duration: October 2018–Present
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Santoro

I had the pleasure of working with The Couch Family and Mott Philanthropic on the new brand identity and website for The Couch Family Foundation. For the past 15 years, the Couch Family Foundation—led by Barbara and Richard Couch—has been giving its all towards partnering with likeminded organizations to bettering life for children and families in the Upper Valley region of New England. The foundation has been working to support and spearhead new initiatives that would improve issues within areas of early childhood education, development and health; as well as family support and community building. While initial conversations were just for a new website, it was clear to both of us that a more cohesive identity system was required to fully bring the foundation into a better digital presence.

The logo brings back the use of ivy for its ties to the region, and its representation of nurturing and growth. From there, a full suite of assets were created and ultimately implemented on their new website and marketing materials. For the website, I worked with the Mott Philanthropic team to create a clean and accessible UX for the foundation’s slightly older user-base, while also finding optimal moments to tell the foundation’s story of humble beginnings and tremendous impact.

mockup-of-a-business-card-being-held-while-inside-a-cafe-a15028 (1).png
mockup-of-a-kinky-haired-woman-carrying-a-tote-bag-on-her-shoulder-at-a-food-market-26698 (1).png