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Client: HIVE.Studio
Project Duration: February 2017–May 2017
Art Direction & Design: Christopher Santoro
Agency: known.creative, LLC
All photography done by HIVE.Studio

HIVE.Studio is a husband-and-wife run photography and video studio that, despite doing beautiful work across the board, specializes in work for lifestyle brands, product/retail, high-volume e-commerce, and performing arts. They have been friends of mine for a very long time, and any chance to work with them on anything is a reward in itself, let alone seeing the finished product.

Having already had a long-time relationship with my agency, known.creative, LLC, they came to me to design their 2016 look book. My role, aside from designing, also included consulting with HIVE.Studio about the overall pacing and featured case studies. The final product was both printed and used for digital marketing purposes.